Jasperactive update icon

The Jasperactive download icon has a new feature! In the red ribbon at the top of your Jasperactive account, you will see a white Jasperactive icon. If you see a yellow exclamation point, there is an update available for Jasperactive. Click on the  to initiate the update process. Once the update has been downloaded, click on the […]

PowerPoint 2013 Lesson 5 – Learn to work with images

In lesson 5 – learn to work with images of PowerPoint 2013, the following notification may appear while attempting to insert an “Online Picture” if the original image file is missing from the source website. If this occurs, click “Cancel” and choose a different bicycle image to insert into the PowerPoint presentation.

Conduct an Outlook Profile Clean

Follow the steps below to conduct an Outlook Profile Clean: Close any existing Microsoft Office Outlook sessions Open Jasperactive and proceed to launch into your Outlook Application Click on the cogwheel icon in the right corner of the instruction window The click on the Outlook Profile Settings Tab and then click on Clean Outlook Profile

Add the Jasperactive tile to your Office 365 app launcher

These instructions are intended for Office 365 Administrators with permissions to add Custom Tiles within your Office 365 portal.   Sign in to Office 365with your work or school account. Select the app launcher icon and choose Admin. In the Office 365 admin center, search for tiles or use the left navigation pane by choosing Settings > Organization profile > Add custom tiles for […]

Personal Template option is missing from Office

Jasperactive Word 2013 Expert – Lesson 4 – Creating Online Forms During this lesson a user is asked to Use a Form Template from the Personal Templates folder. If the Personal Templates folder is missing, please use the Microsoft Fix outlined here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Where-are-my-custom-templates-88ed77ca-df34-49e9-9087-3f01ae296e6e  

Activating a new Student Code on an existing Jasperactive Account

For teachers and students who have existing Jasperactive accounts, in order to activate a new Student Activation Code (as shown in the screenshot further below): Simply log in to your Jasperactive Student account (teachers can just switch to the Student Mode) At the bottom of your active courses, you will see a red link that […]

Learn to use the Proofing Tools

Tolano isn’t marking correctly and I can’t answer the question. To address the Tolano Spell Check problem that your experiencing. Because you’re working with Office live in the Microsoft office application and not in a simulation environment, when you “Add” Tolano to the dictionary it actually adds the Word “Tolano” to the dictionary. So in […]

Why can’t I install PowerPivot in Excel?

PowerPivot is definitely available to Office 2013 and 2016 users. However, Microsoft has limited its availability to certain versions of Office. Only Office Professional Plus, Office 365 Pro Plus, and Office 365 Enterprise editions have Inquire, PowerPivot and Power View. If PowerPivot is not a selectable option, this means you’re using either the Home, Student or […]

How to Check What Jasperactive is Marking

If a student thinks he/she has completed a task correctly but it is being marked as incorrect, please follow these simple steps to determine exactly what Jasperactive is marking.