Below are step-by-step instructions to begin utilizing the Jasperactive Groups Manager feature!

1. Click on Add New Group in the Jasperactive Teacher Panel, fill in your group information in the General Information tab and click Save.

2. A unique Group Key will be automatically generated.

3. By providing this Group Key to each of your students, they will be able to link to your Jasperactive teacher account and automatically enroll in the group that you have created.

Groups Manager - Step 2

4. Once your students use this Group Key in the Link to Teacher section in Jasperactive, they will see a screen similar to the one shown below, indicating that they have correctly linked to your class.

Group Manager - Step 3

5. In the Groups Manager section, under the Group Students tab,  you will see the group that you have recently created and all of the students that have linked to your teacher account through the Group Key are now auto-populated into this group. Please note that your students must  complete their student account registration in Jasperactive before they can link to the group(s) that you have created