Below are step-by-step instructions to begin utilizing the new, highly anticipated, Jasperactive Reporting feature!

1. Search for your group by application and/or group name in the Reports section in Jasperactive.


2. In the search engine you will see a Jasperactive Learning Report specific to the group that you have searched, and a list of all of the students that are enrolled in this group. Click on  Go to export view in the right corner, select the Application and Group to see a full learning report.

3. In the top ribbon, there are options to print, change the view and export the group reporting results into an Excel, PDF or Word document. 

4. To pull an individual student report, click on the percent completion results beside the student’s name. This will bring you to a comprehensive report on the individual student’s progress. Click on the Go to default view to return to the reporting page.

Please note: At any point in time, you are able to print or export any of the reporting results into an Excel, PDF or Word document.