Jasperactive can be installed onto an Apple Mac computer but it must first be set up to run in a Windows environment prior to installing it via the use of the Boot Camp Assistant app in your Mac’s Utilities folder.

  1. Ensure that you have access to full professional versions of Windows 7 or higher as well as Office 2013 or 2016 for Windows – each with its own unique activation key to activate it after installing it on a Mac.
  2. On the Mac computer, open the Utilities folder and navigate to the Boot Camp Assistant app

boot-camp-app-icon (Boot Camp Assistant icon)

3. Follow these instructions on how to Install Windows using Boot Camp

If and when prompted, here below are the necessary startup files for each of the acceptable versions of Windows:

Click here to install the Boot Camp startup files for Windows 7

Click here to install the Boot Camp startup files for Windows 8

Click here to install Boot Camp startup files for Windows 10

After successful installations of both Windows and Office for Windows, you will then be able to switch between the Mac Operating System and Windows every time you turn on your Mac computer(s). You can then proceed to download and install the Jasperactive application.

For your reference, you can view Jasperactive’s technical requirements.