To create a new teacher account:

  1. Start a web browser and navigate to

JA Login Screen. May 2016

2. Fill out the New User field with the Teacher Activation Code that has been provided and click Activate. If you chose to register by connecting one of the  following social media accounts, click on one  the following icons and  follow the cues.

If you wish to skip this part, click on the grey Skip option. You have the opportunity to link your Jasperactive account to a social media platform at a later time, if you wish. This option can be found in your Jasperactive Profile Information once your new account has been created.JA-Teacher-Reg 3. Complete the following Jasperactive Registration form and click Submit when you are complete.

Student Reg

4. After clicking Submit you will be brought to the Jasperactive End-User License Agreement. Please ensure that you read and accept the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement before proceeding.

Jasperactive End-User

5. After accepting the Jasperactive End-User License Agreement  terms and conditions, you will see the name of the school that your Jasperactive account is linked to, similar to the image below.

Demo School Link

6. On the following screen, teachers may choose to login as a teacher or a student. A teacher account in Jasperactive provides administrative access through the Teacher Panel. As a teacher you have the choice to work in Teacher Mode or Student Mode in Jasperactive, under one Jasperactive Account. Teach.Student Option7. To activate a course in Student Mode, use the Student Activation Code that has been provided to you – the same one that your students are using to activate their Jasperactive subscription.

  • Click on Activate a new course and in the field that appears, type in the Student Activation Code provided and click Activate course. Tech. Activate8. You will now see all the courses that are available with your Jasperactive subscription