Software updates issued by Microsoft Office may cause changes to the functionality of Jasperactive. We are aware of this and are constantly evolving Jasperactive, please keep up-to-date to ensure the best user experience.

Jasperactive – Technical Issues Fixed in the next version of Jasperactive

  • Office 2016 – PowerPoint 2016 – Lesson 2 – Using Sections – Expand and Collapse not scoring properly

Jasperactive – Technical Issues submitted Under Review

  • Office 2016 – Excel Core 2016 – Lesson 1 – Use workbook templates – specified template is no longer available in the main screen
  • Office 2016 – Excel Core 2016 – Lesson 1 – Travel Expense – Microsoft has added another Travel expense template and removed the existing one

Jasperactive – Updates

  • Instruction Pane Enhancements
    • Enabled copy-and-paste functionality
    • Changed the “Show Results” button to “Submit”
    • Enabled horizonal positioning
    • Added a Help (?) button that opens instructions for using the Instruction pane
  • Performance Feedback Enhancement
    • Added eBook topic links in the Exercise Performance Results window
  • Local Settings Change Options Moved
    • The options to change the working directory location on the local system and clean the Outlook profile have been moved to the navigation bar of the user’s Home page. Click the gear icon to access the options.

System Updates

  • Center and Hub Dashboards
  • Teacher Panel Updates
    • Find Users
    • Download Teacher Resources
    • Reports Updated
  • Jasperactive How-To Guides
  • Benchmark Reset Jasperactive icon updated when a user logs into his/her student account jasperactive-icon-checkmark-red – Click Here to view the support article