Can I do the benchmark over again?

No, the Benchmark is designed to assess the skills you have in this program before you begin any learning. The score you receive after completing this exercise determines a prescriptive learning path for you, or which topics or skills you need to learn or practice. If you are working in the Benchmark and need to exit it, close the Jasperactive program to enable you to enter the Benchmark again. You will lose any work in progress but you will be able to try the Benchmark again. Click the Show Results button only when you have completed the Benchmark or completed as much as you are able to. This button prompts Jasperactive to mark the results and generate the prescriptive learning path.  

Can I redo the learn exercise?

No, you can only complete the Learn exercise once. Similar to the Benchmark, this exercise is generally your first introduction to a specific feature or skill and assesses how comfortable you are with this topic. You will be able to redo this exercise using the Practice exercise for review or reinforcement of the feature or skill set.

How many times can I do the practice exercise?

You can do the Practice exercise as many times as you need to reinforce the concepts and skill sets. There is no limit set on this exercise. Remember that at any time you would like a reference on what the concept is or how to complete this task, click the eBook button to display this portion of the CCI Learning courseware as a learning tool. In fact, after completing the Practice exercise once, if you are marked wrong on a task, you can click on the Practice exercise again to further practice the skill set that you are required to learn.

Do I have to complete all the exercises before doing the validate exercise?

No, you do not need to complete all the Learn and Practice exercises before attempting the Validate exercise. Working on the Learn and Practice exercises will help to develop the confidence to complete the Validate exercise; however, you may attempt the Validate exercise at any point in time.  

How is the validate exercise different from the benchmark?

The Validate exercise has been placed at the end of all the lessons, with the intent of providing a final assessment of the concepts and skill sets you have acquired upon completing the Jasperactive Learning Path. While it is similar to the Benchmark in how the exercise works, the Validate exercise presents a different case scenario with steps that are designed to be more challenging and opportunities to try various options for a feature or concept. The Validate exercise is a timed 50 minute exercise which mirrors the official Microsoft Office Specialist exam requirements and allows the user to fully prepare themselves to take the official exam.

How is the create exercise different than other exercises?

The Create exercise is a project-based exercise that a student will create, drawing on their creative thinking skills to complete the required project report. While the Learn and Practice exercises take the students through a task step by step, the Create exercise is project based in a case-scenario format where specific tasks are required to be integrated into the project. The student can choose how to structure, build, and enhance the report to match the specified requirements. These requirements mirror the official Microsoft Office Specialist exam requirements and ask students to demonstrate that they understand the objectives by integrating them into the creative project that they have created.  

I forgot my password

If you forget your password, click the Forgot password link below the login screen to reset a new password. An email will be sent to the email address that you provided when you registered your account with Jasperactive. This will contain instructions to follow for resetting your password.

No recent files or folders listed

Jasperactive sets the list of recent files and folders, so you can focus on the files or folders used within the exercises in Jasperactive. Jasperactive also creates default folders in the Documents folder that you will use during the exercises:
  • StarterFiles These are the files you will be requested to open for the exercise.
  • ResourceFiles These are the files you are requested to insert or open as part of the exercise.
  • MyProjects These are the completed files that Jasperactive asks you to save during the exercise.
All these files are removed on completion of the exercise to keep file management simple during your progress in Jasperactive.

How long do I have to complete a learn or practice exercise?

When completing a Learn or Practice exercise the activities are not timed in either case. The biggest difference is that the Learn exercise can only be taken once and as such, should be completed in one sitting. The Practice exercise can be taken multiple times and is there to help all students further reinforce their knowledge in that particular skill set. Remember, at any time you can click the eBook button to read more information about the feature or to reinforce the information as you progress through the exercise.

How much time do I have to complete a validate exercise?

You will have a 50 minute time frame to complete all the steps in a Validate exercise. The amount of time you take to complete this exercise will depend on your level of comfort and knowledge of the skill sets in this exam level for this program. This timing is based on the amount of time allotted to complete a Microsoft Office Specialist certification that covers the same skill sets for this program exam level.

How much time do I have to complete the create exercise?

The timing to complete this exercise will be determined by the teacher, as applicable. In most cases this exercise will be assigned as a project that needs to be completed within a time frame suitable for the length of your course. CCI Learning recommends that you do not attempt this exercise until you have acquired specific skills to start the project.

How do I know which version of Jasperactive I am using?

There are two options to check which version of Jasperactive you are using:
  1. In the red ribbon at the top of the screen in your Jasperactive account hover your cursor over the Jasperactive Installer Icon (the "J" Icon) and there will be a window that appears, displaying which version of Jasperactive you are currently using
  2. Once you log into Jasperactive and start an exercise in a lesson, you will see the version number of Jasperactive in the top right corner of the exercise window

Do I need to separate groups by program or just by period?

You only need to group your students by class or period ("Create Period 2" to collect all of the results for all Office applications, rather than "Period 2 - Word Core" and a separate group for "Period 2 - Excel Core"). In the reporting module in your Teacher Panel, you'll select the Office application and then the different groups will appear with results, allowing you to run reports on your groups.

Can first time students go straight to the expert courses? Is this recommended?

In some cases, certain students are advanced in their Microsoft Office product knowledge and may be able to successfully “test out” of Core lessons. The Benchmark Exam may certainly reveal this capability. If you feel you have such a student(s) then you may choose to have them by-pass the Core Lessons in Jasperactive and jump right into the Create project or Validate exam (or Gmetrix is you’re using the newest version) to demonstrate readiness. If they do well, then let them sit for the Certiport Console 8 Core exam (Word or Excel) and if they pass this have them simply move directly into the Expert level Lessons in Jasperactive. Alternatively, if your student(s), prior to Jasperactive, has already passed the Core certification exam (Word or Excel) then definitely have them jump right into the Expert level product – i.e. completion of Core lesson work prior to beginning Expert assignments in Jasperactive is not required. Note: A student DOES NOT have to pass the Core certification exam in Console 8 prior to taking the Expert certification exam. The Core exam is not a requirement for Expert, both exams are built on their own set of exam objectives and certifications with different designations.