The Jasperactive Groups Manager is used to create and manage groups, assign activities, and adjust rubrics for individual students and groups.

This document explains how to create a new group.

Step 1:    Log in to your Jasperactive Teacher account.

Step 2:    Click the Groups Manager option in the panel to display the Groups Manager page.

Step 3:    Click the Add New Group button. The New Group window opens and displays the General Information tab.

Step 4:    Use the form fields in the General Information tab to enter information for the new group.

The fields are described in the table below.

Group Key A unique group key will be generated and will appear in this box after the new group has been created.
Group Name Enter a descriptive name for your group (e.g., BusApps P2 Sem1 1718).
Current Licenses The number and type of licenses your organization has purchased will appear in the Current Licenses drop-down menu.

Select the license you have been authorized to use for your group(s).

If you select a Center License, you will need to enter a Start date and Finish date in the associated fields.

Your group key will act as an activation code for new users and will automatically link students to your group. Students who already have a Jasperactive account can use the code to link to your group.

If you select a User Activation Codes license, then the group key will allow students to link to your group, but students will still need a separate activation code to create and activate a Jasperactive account. Please ensure you have been given the student User Activation Codes for your location so that you can distribute these to your students along with your group key. If you have not received the codes, please contact your system administrator.

For information on activating a student account, see the Getting Started with Jasperactive – Activating a New Account and Installing Jasperactive article.

For information on linking to a teacher, see the Getting Started with Jasperactive – Linking to a Teacher article.

After you have selected a license from the Current Licenses drop-down list, the Jasperactive courses that have been purchased for your location appear. Each suite of courses displays in its own tab.

If you are using a User Activation Codes license, the courses are pre-selected and you can skip to Step 6.

Step 5:    If you are using a Center license, you may select the courses you want to make available to your group. Click an application suite tab and select the desired courses.

Step 6:    Click Save to create the group and generate the group key.

Step 7:    Distribute the Group Key to each student on your class roster.

Step 8:    Click Cancel to return to the Groups Manager page.

Step 9:    To verify the creation of the new group (and to list all groups associated with your teacher account), clear all criteria in the Search Groups window and then click Search.

To view or edit a group’s information, locate the row for the group you want to access and in the Options column, click the (pencil) icon.

To delete a group, locate the row for the group you want to delete and in the Options column, click the X icon.

What’s Next?

  • Check out the Using the Teacher Panel – Using Groups Manager: Managing Groups



If you need further assistance, contact Jasperactive Support or call them at (800) 668-1669.