Jasperactive Changelog

Office 2016

Office ApplicationJasperactive VersionLessonExercise Problem AreaStatusDate SubmittedDate ResolvedResolved Jasperactive VersionNotes
PowerPoint1.1.1.06Audio and Video Media
Microsoft updated PowerPoint in the May 2018 release. Part of this Office Update was removing the "Change Picture" option out of PowerPoint.
Under Development28 May 2018

Excel Core1.1.1.08Importing Data Files
in updated versions of Microsoft Office, a new template is used to import data into excel. We're currently working on updating Jasperactive to function with the updated version of Microsoft Office.
Corrected2 Apr 201823 Jul 20181.1.1.1
Outlook1.1.1.03Working with Contact Groups
reported not scoring correctly in version
Corrected2 Apr 201823 Jul 2018

Office 2013

Office ApplicationJasperactive VersionLessonExerciseProblem AreaStatusDate SubmittedDate ResolvedResolved Jasperactive VersionNotes
Word Expert1.1.1.06Preparing DocumentsTask # 6 causing Jasperactive to stop responding
Under Development22 May 2018

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