Getting Started - Jasperactive MOS Online

Welcome to Jasperactive MOS Online (for Microsoft Office). By following these instructions, you'll soon be using a fully web-based Jasperactive learning system and progressing toward industry certification!

After order placement, the person designated as the Center Administrator will receive a "fulfillment" email providing login credentials, the Teacher (not student) activation code, and a link to these instructions.

Note: You may find it helpful to review our FAQ page before beginning product deployment.

Instructor/Teacher - Getting Started instructions: 

Step 1: Open a Web browser and go to (Optional:, and test/verify your login credentials.

Step 2: (Optional) - IF you are also a Teacher/Instructor, you can add the TEACHER role to your user account using this 2 min video support article: Adding a Teacher Role. If, however, you already have the Teacher Role, skip ahead to Step 4.

Step 3: While you're logged in as the Center Admin, from the Centers Panel, click on the box labeled "License Inventory" and obtain the Teacher Code which you will provide to any other Teachers joining your Center. (This is the same code found in your fulfillment email.) Be sure to also provide them this instructional tutorial: Creating your Teacher Account.

Teachers begin by logging into Jasperactive, creating class Groups, and, if preferred, downloading Teacher Resources (Step 6).

Step 4: Select your Teacher role, if not already selected, from the drop-down in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 5: In Groups Manager, use the Creating a Group instructions to establish your class(es) that students will be in. We recommend that each Teacher create a dedicated Group just for their/your personal student role user.  Tip: document each Group Key so you can easily share this with the applicable students.

Step 6: (Optional) - From the Teacher Panel, use the Downloading the Teacher Resources instructions to view and/or download locally the resource files for your review and use.

Technical/IT Add-in deployment instructions:

The Jasperactive MOS Online Add-in can be added from the Microsoft Office Store or via Organizational Deployment or the SharePoint catalog, if you are a Microsoft 365 Administrator.

Technical Requirements:

Microsoft 365 Administrator Deployment Guides:

Microsoft 365 Organizational Deployment setup guide:

With the Add-in in place your ready to get started, follow the steps outlined below in Launching Jasperactive MOS Online in a web browser.

Microsoft 365 SharePoint App Catalog

With the Add-in in place your ready to get started, follow the steps outlined below in Launching Jasperactive MOS Online in a web browser.

Individual User Setup Instructions:

PC, Chromebook or Mac User instructions:

IF the Office Store is blocked or IT has not yet "pushed" the course file to your Microsoft 365 user profiles, please reference our article on how to manually/individually upload the course "manifest" file:

Jasperactive MOS Online - Manual Upload : Jasperactive Support 

Student course activation instructions:

Once the Add-in is in place:

Launching Jasperactive MOS Online in a web browser:

If needed, email our Technical Support team - - to create a ticket for assistance.

Thank you. Wishing your program and students success!

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