Jasperactive Digital Literacy (JDL)

This article pertains to U.S. and International based entities that purchase both the Jasperactive and CertPREP (formerly GMetrix) learning systems as a combined license. In this case, Jasperactive Digital Literacy launches from within CertPREP.


Once Certiport places your JDL order, a license fulfillment email goes out. You then login to CertPREP using your Administrator login (gmetrix.net/manage), select to create Access Codes, align these to your newly issued JDL license, then allocate the code(s) to your students. The students then go to CertPREP (gmetrix.net) to establish their user login (if not already done) and, from the Courses menu option, enter this code to access (“Redeem”) the JDL system and course learning content.


NOTE: At this time, the release of GS6 content in JDL is scheduled for October 2021. Of course, this license also provides access to CertPREP practice exam courses.


If you encounter issues accessing JDL content from within CertPREP, please email the GMetrix support team for assistance. See below…


GMetrix Technical Support:

Email: support@gmetrix.com

Tel: 801-323-5800

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