In this article you will learn how to:
  1. Access Jasperactive MOS Online
  2. Register your user account for the first time
  3. Activate your Group Key to gain access to your Course(s) for learning

Once you have created your user login credentials, this is how you will ALWAYS access Jasperactive MOS Online, through the webpage using the Jasperactive for Office Add-in.

NOTE: If the Jasperactive for Office Add-in is already available from your Office application ribbon menu, then SKIP to Step 10 or 11, as applicable, based on your Ribbon view.

Step 1:     Open your browser and navigate to (example below is Google Chrome)

Step 2:    Click the Sign In button

Step 3:    In the dialog box that opens enter your Microsoft Account email address, phone number or Skype ID. If you have a Microsoft 365 (formerly called Office 365) account enter that email address. If you do not have a Microsoft Account click on Create one! and setup a free email account.

Step 4:    Once you sign into your account click on the Waffle icon in the top left corner and then select the application that you're going to be studying. (NOTE: these Office application icons may also appear in a left sidebar panel without clicking on the waffle icon)

Step 5:    For this support article we chose Microsoft Word. Click New Blank document to open the Microsoft Word Web App.

Step 6:    When the blank word document opens, click on the Insert tab

Step 7:    Next, click the Add-ins button (NOTE: depending on your Ribbon view setting, you may have to click the More Options [3-dot (...) option] to locate the Add-ins menu option.)

Step 8:    Click Store, then in the search box type in Jasperactive and press enter (click the magnifying glass). When the results are displayed click Add.

Step 9:    Review the License Terms and Privacy Policy and then press Continue

Step 10:    You will then return to the Microsoft application and be presented with the Get started... message. Depending on your Ribbon setting, you'll now see the Jasperactive for Office Add-in menu option in the Ribbon, or you will need to click the More Options (...) button to view the Add-in menu option.

Step 11:    Click on the Add-in Jasperactive for Office

Step 12:    When the add-in finishes loading, click on GET STARTED

Step 13:    On the Welcome! Please log in to your account page, either enter your login information or click Register here

Step 14:    On the Create my Jasperactive Profile page, select either Learner/Student or Educator/Instructor

Step 15:    On the Role and Permission page, select either Under 13 or 13 and Older

Please Note: Depending on your age, this page will determine if you can register with either a username or email address.

Step 16:    On the Create account with Email page, enter your details.

Step 17:    On the Security and Password page, select your security questions, enter your security answers, then create a password,  Review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and Accept the agreements, then click Next Step to Continue

Step 18:    On the Jasperactive End User License Agreement page, as you're reading it, scroll down on the right hand side of the window to activate the checkbox for "I agree to Jasperactive's End-User License Agreement." Once accepted click Next Step to continue.

Step 19:    On the Profile Created! page, your account has successfully been created, click Let's Get Started.

Step 20:    Finally, you will be prompted to enter the Group Key that your Instructor/Teacher provided you; this will grant you access to the applicable learning modules. Enter (copy/paste recommended) the Group Key and then press JOIN.