When a Jasperactive Outlook course exercise is launched, thereby loading lesson content to run "live-in-the-application", it loads a Jasperactive profile into Outlook. The profile contains data files, such as emails, contacts, calendar events, tasks, etc. Once a learner clicks Submit to grade the exercise project, Jasperactive is designed to close Outlook then release this Jasperactive Outlook profile, returning Outlook's original profile. In the event this last step doesn't execute correctly, simply run the Outlook Profile Clean function from the Gear icon in the Jasperactive menu bar. This will force the removal of the Jasperactive Outlook profile and return the original profile.

Follow the steps below to conduct an Outlook Profile Clean:

  1. Close any existing Microsoft Office Outlook sessions
  2. Open Jasperactive and click on the cogwheel icon in the Quick Links Tab

  3. The click on the Outlook Profile Settings Tab and then click on Clean Outlook Profile