Some similarities:

  • Assessments of what students know and don't know.
  • Standard setting time allotment is 50 minutes.
  • Standard setting produces a student activity grade/result.

Some differences:

  • Beginning of learning (Benchmark) vs. End of learning (Validate).
  • Designed to be taken only once (Benchmark), whereas Validate can be attempted multiple times.
  • Degree of difficulty varies. Validate is designed to be more challenging.

The Validate exam is at the end of all the lessons*, with the intent of providing a final assessment of the concepts and skill sets a student has acquired upon completing the Jasperactive Prescriptive Learning Pathway. While it is similar to the Benchmark in how the exercise works, the Validate exercise presents a different case scenario with steps that are designed to be more challenging and opportunities to try various options for a feature or concept. The Validate exercise is a timed 50-minute exercise which mirrors the official Microsoft Office Specialist exam requirements and allows the users to prepare themselves to take the official certification exam.

*Note: the Validate Lesson page tab only applies to Canada clients; unless a special purchase agreement is approved. U.S. and International clients will see a CertPREP (Formerly GMetrix) tab instead, as part of the CCI Learning and Certiport academic partner agreement.