Technically speaking, from a system functionality perspective, Yes, a student can access any Course without prerequisite.

In some cases, some students are advanced in their Microsoft Office product knowledge and may be able to successfully “test out” of Core lessons. The Benchmark Exam may undoubtedly reveal this capability.

As Teacher/Instructor, if you feel you have such a student(s), then you may choose to have them by-pass the Core Lessons in Jasperactive and jump right into the Create project or Validate/CertPREP (formerly GMetrix) exercise/practice test to demonstrate readiness. If they do well, then let them sit for the Certiport Core certification exam (Word or Excel) and if they pass then have them move directly into the Expert level Lessons in Jasperactive.

Alternatively, if your student(s), before Jasperactive, has already passed the Core certification exam (Word or Excel) then definitely have them jump right into the Expert level product – i.e., completion of Core lesson work before beginning Expert assignments in Jasperactive is not required. 

Note: According to Certiport exam policies, a student DOES NOT have to pass the Core certification exam before taking the Expert certification exam. The Core exam is not a requirement for Expert; both exams are built on their own set of exam objectives and therefore are certifications with different designations.