If you are attempting to open, or launch, the Jasperactive MOS system and nothing happens when you try to do lesson work, then review the troubleshooting options below.

First, is Jasperactive installed on your local Windows machine? Installation is required in order to run courseware since Jasperactive runs "live" in Microsoft Office (Office must be installed too).

Then, look on your desktop and see if you see a Jasperactive product icon; like this:

 If so, then Jasperactive is likely installed.

Optionally, open the Control Panel and under Programs and Features, verify that Jasperactive is installed on the computer, as shown in the following image:

If Jasperactive is already installed:

  1. Verify compliance with the Technical Requirements, including "whitelisting" the listed urls.
  2. Verify that no antivirus software is blocking the program (see item a above).
  3. Re-establish the browser’s settings that you are using:
    • Microsoft Edgeclick "Settings and more" (3-dots in top right corner, to the right of your profile image) then select Settings from the menu list then click on Reset settings.
    • Google Chrome*: with this browser, it is possible that the Jasperactive application has been blocked by the user. To unblock it, you must reset the Chrome settings for the user in a Windows session: for example for the user Andrew go to the folder and remove the file, Local State
      C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

* Before doing this procedure, check that Google Chrome is not open. Involve IT personnel if needed.

Now you can open the Jasperactive site again, and when answering the exercise, the following dialogue box will appear:

Activate the Remember my choice for all links of this type option, and click Launch Application.