Scenario: Two or more students use the same computer. The first one created their new Jasperactive user account and then downloaded and installed the Jasperactive platform. The second student then creates their new Jasperactive user account.

After account activation, the second student selects a course and the following screen is displayed after selecting to launch the Benchmark exam:


In this screen, a note is displayed, which allows the user to check if Jasperactive is already installed on the computer. To verify this, first check that theicon in the menu bar has a check mark, as shown in this image. Another way to check is to look for the Jasperactive icon (see below) on your PC desktop.

If Jasperactive is already installed, as it should be in this scenario, then simply click on the link Jasperactive is already downloaded on my computer. By clicking this link, the course will show.

Of course, if it's determined that Jasperactive is NOT installed, then click the large yellow button - Agree and download now to download and install; this action requires Administrator rights to the machine, so get IT involved if necessary.

After clicking on one of the options above, this screen will not be shown again for the student.