After logging into Jasperactive, if Courses on your Student role page do not appear that you once accessed, then these courses may be aligned to an expired product license or a Group code with an expired Finish date. The instructions below will step you through re-activating an expired Course(s).

First, if these Courses are aligned to an expired product license, then work with your Teacher to create a NEW Group Code from an active license, then use the instructions below to re-activate the Course(s).

If, however, your Courses are aligned to an active license but the Group Code Finish date has expired, then your Teacher simply has to edit the Group Finish date in Groups Manager to re-activate the Course(s). Once this is complete, the Course(s) will re-appear without any further action.

  1. Log into Jasperactive (if you have a multi-role user account - i.e. Teacher and/or Admin - then ensure that the Student role is selected from your drop-down option in the top right corner).
  2. From the Your Courses section, select the appropriate Application Group, click the Expired radio button, and select the course of your choosing to re-activate.
  3. From the Jasperactive red main menu options bar, click the Link to Teacher button.
  4. Enter the new Group Key (if necessary, remove/delete any existing Group Key data), click search, verify that the desired Group was found, then click the "Link to this Group" button.
  5. From the Jasperactive red main menu options bar, click the Home button.Notice that the Course you have just linked to an active Group is no longer in the expired list.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until you have linked all of your courses.
  7. When all the Courses are re-activated, from the Your Courses section, click Active again and the Courses that you re-activated should appear.

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