Login from jasperactive.com, in the applicable product section select Reports, select the applicable user role, then select the applicable Report option as outlined below.

From the Teacher user role, the following options are available:

Progress Report - allows you to select an Application and break down the scoring based on the groups the students are registered into and drill down (data field with a hyperlink) on each student progress by lesson.

Quizzes Report - allows you to review student pre-Lesson Quiz results.

Grade Report - depending on how you've defined your group settings for the values you want to be placed on the various grading elements, this report allows you to see collectively how the group is doing. If you want to adjust the weighting, you can by going into the Groups Manager, editing a group by clicking on the pencil icon and navigating to the Group rubrics tab. We recommend that you first read - Modifying Course Rubrics How-To Guide.

Master Analysis Report - this report allows for greater detail and search criteria - i.e. Activity Dates, Registration dates of students, Last Login, etc. Additionally, you can select to see how many attempts a user has completed, how much time they've spent in the lesson, score and progress and track and what's been completed.  Once the search criteria is defined, you can export the report into XLSX or CSV depending on your needs.

NOTE: View support article - Report in Export View - pertaining to the "Go to Export view" hyperlink on this Report page.

Student Reporting:

From the Jasperactive for Microsoft Office Student panel, the student can run reports by clicking on the Reports menu option. 

The initial report that launches is the Student Grade Report, which breaks down scoring by module/lesson based on the weight assigned by the Teacher in course rubrics (more information about this below). The student can also click on the View Student Progress report hyperlink (see image below). This shows the student a complete breakdown of each lesson.