For various reasons, the Jasperactive Instruction Pane may become "minimized" or may be enlarged and blocking part of Microsoft Office product page, preventing completion of work. To reset the size of your Instructor Pane, you have two options.

First Option (and recommended): Delete the user configuration. This requires your ability to get into the APPDATA folder - involved IT support if needed.

  1. Open Windows Explorer (yellow folder icon in the Windows taskbar).
  2. Click the View Tab.
  3. On the right-hand side under Show/Hide – check the box labeled "Hidden Items”.
  4. Next, navigate to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\©_CCI_Learning_Solutions_ (if needed, Copy and Paste this link into the Windows Explorer address bar).

5. Delete the folder that’s in this location (LMSOfficeApp.exe_xxxxxxxxxx)

6. Close Windows Explorer

When you open Jasperactive next, the Instruction Pane size will be reset to the default settings.

Second Option: Another option, if you can, is to install a small piece of software called “Sizer” - Once installed, when you Press Alt + Spacebar on the Jasperactive window, you’ll see a new option to resize the window.

Click on Resize/Reposition, and you can make the window bigger – stretch it up an inch and then shift it to the right-hand side, and it will reset the window for you.