The eBook in Jasperactive is an embedded digital course book that provides background and explanatory information about the software features you are learning to use and course content. While the hands-on Learn exercises teach you how to perform particular tasks in Microsoft Office, the eBook provides information about why, when, and where you might want to perform those tasks. This functions as an excellent tool for visual learners and in remediation.

To access eBook content related to a specific exercise task or topic, click an eBook icon in one of these locations:

  • Beside the current task shown in the instruction pane within an exercise*.
  • Beside each question listed in the Learn the Skill Exercise Performance Results window (the score window) that displays after you submit your exercise for grading.
  • Beside each question listed in the Benchmark Performance Results window.
  • Beside each question listed in the Create Exercise Performance Results window.
  • Beside each question listed in the Validate Exercise Performance Results window, if applicable.

The content appears in its own eBook window. Use the scroll bar (1) in the eBook window to move through the eBook content.

The accessible content in the initial view is limited to the specific exercise task or topic. However, to view the full Table of Contents, click the greater than symbol on the middle left sidebar (2).

Click the Close button (X) (3) to close the eBook window and return to your previous location.

* When an eBook is opened from within an exercise, in the Jasperactive pane window, an Expand/Collapse option is available as depicted below.