Jasperactive learning is based on an individualized (per student) Prescriptive Learning Pathway. As such, once a student records results from the Benchmark assessment, and then Quiz results per Lesson, Jasperactive uses these results to "activate" only selective lesson exercises. Stated differently, it's possible for one student in a class to see varying lists of exercises based on their individual results. This prescribed learning plan tool therefore includes only those exercises that are necessary to help a student build the skills they need to develop - spend time focusing on what they don't know.

Albeit optional, there are times when a Teacher/Instructor and/or a student may choose to access ALL lesson exercises regardless of assessment results. To do this, click the Activate All button from a Course Lessons page.

In doing so, this action will display the Activate all Exercises dialog box.

Click Activate to add all Learn exercises for the lesson to your prescribed learning plan. If all lesson exercises are already activated, the following message will appear instead.

Once the Activate All option is taken, for a particular Lesson set, there is no reversing this action.