To change the version of Office you have installed from the Current Channel to the Semi Annual Enterprise Channel, please follow the steps outlined below.

At the bottom of this page the first step you must do is download the OFFICE.ZIP file which contains the Microsoft Office Deployment Tool and a Microsoft Configuration XML script.

Extract the ZIP file to the C:\ Drive so the files will display as C:\Office (easier to navigate to this location later)

1. On a Windows 10 machine - Click the Windows button in the lower left corner or click "Type here to search"

2. Type in CMD 

3. Right Click on the Command Prompt icon and select "Run as Administrator"

4. In the black dialog box that opens at the command prompt type in cd c:\office and then press Enter - this process will change your directory


5. Next either type in or copy and paste setup /configure configuration.xml and then press Enter

8. Allow the process to complete - it takes approximately 5-10 minutes, Once completed the version of Office will be Semi Annual Enterprise Channel

You can confirm this by opening Microsoft Word 

Click on File

Click on Account on the left hand side

On the Right hand side of the screen under About Word - it will display the version of Office installed