As a Teacher, and creator of Student Group(s), you can view Student information from Groups Manager. A full overview of this capability is demonstrated in our Viewing and Editing Student Information tutorial.

Specifically to locating password information, however, the below steps are outlined below. NOTE: student password information is NOT available for those accounts that login with one of the social media options; such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Office 365 personal account credentials.

Steps to find and/or view student passwords:

  1. Navigate to and Login.
  2. Select the Groups Manager option.
  3. Scroll down then from the Groups list grid, identify the appropriate Group and click the Pencil (edit) icon to the far right. Note: If you have many Groups, enter Search criteria instead of scrolling to the grid list.
  4. Click the Group Students tab.
  5. Select the applicable Course the student is learning in.
  6. From the Students list grid, identify the appropriate Student then click the Key icon to the far right.
  7. The Student login credentials should now appear.


Note: if you're using a Jasperactive with GMetrix integrated license, it's important that your Jasperactive password is at least 7 characters. Both the Jasperactive and GMetrix password must match for the integration to work properly.