For U.S. and International clients, Jasperactive comes automatically with GMetrix. Your Center (school, business) license is a Jasperactive with GMetrix integrated license.


This integrated license is also available within GMetrix. Although it’s not how the integration was designed, it is possible to disregard Jasperactive, and just use GMetrix. For example, some Instructors design their instructional approach to begin with GMetrix custom tests or practice exams. Additionally, for our Jasperactive MOS Online users, accessing GMetrix apart from Jasperactive is currently the only option.


Alternatively, once the students activate their user account in Jasperactive, then access a Course and take the Benchmark exam, the Lesson exercises tabs then – including access to GMetrix – opens up (see image below). Clicking on this Tab launches the integration tool, which uses the Jasperactive student Group Key to automatically produce the GMetrix Access Code – i.e. you can, as indicated above, but you do not have to use your GMetrix Administrator role to create Access Codes for your Jasperactive students.



Here is a video tutorial on the integration – Accessing the Jasperactive/GMetrix Integrated Solution.

For our Canada-based clients, Jasperactive and GMetrix are purchased separately and not as an integrated license.