YES!! Late Fall 2020, Jasperactive MOS Online (a Microsoft Web apps Add-in platform) became available for purchase or as a free access option to clients with an existing, current Jasperactive MOS product license.
Running the current version of Jasperactive MOS on anything other than a Windows PC/laptop is not advised given that the courseware runs “live-in-the-application” (LITA) – i.e. local installation is required, and Chromebooks (non-business industry devices) have no hard drive.

Reference: Jasperactive MOS technical system requirements
If purchasing industry rated devices for your business CTE certification program is an option, Microsoft has some great education device offerings for under $250 each; your IT would have to update the OS and install Office 2019 Pro Plus, then Jasperactive MOS would work.

Reference: Microsoft EDU device offerings -
Note: U.S. and International Jasperactive clients only (non-Canada clients) - your license includes Jasperactive MOS with GMetrix. GMetrix too released in Fall 2020 a remote desktop access platform for MOS learning. Please talk with your Certiport rep about this further.

Reference: What's New in the Microsoft Office 2019 Certiport Certifications? (GMetrix article)

Jasperactive Digital Literacy (IC3) and Jasperactive QuickBooks - YES! - these are fully Web-based and platform agnostic. Visit and click Our Products to learn more.