We often get asked by a new client - "what is included with my purchase", or "what is needed to get my students certified"? This article will attempt to help provide clarification.

Our typical Microsoft Office (MOS) certifications learning system - "ecosystem" - includes the following:

  • Microsoft Office - a given! Multiple versions are currently supported, including both "live-in-the-application" (LITA) locally installed and Office Web apps via office.com. A typical LITA license includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook applications. This is generally purchased separately, by the school district or business entity - i.e. NOT sold as part of the learning system applications.
  • Jasperactive MOS - developed by CCI Learning, this is a kinesthetic, multi-lingual, step-by-step instructional learning system of built-in Microsoft Office courseware, eBooks, and Instructor resources. This is offered in both Office LITA and Web apps (currently, English language only) versions.
  • CertPREP (formerly GMetrix) (included with Jasperactive MOS for U.S. and International customers) - developed by GMetrix, this is the pre-certification practice exams learning system.
  • Compass - developed by Certiport, this is the certification exams testing software. Compass is free to download, and available "online" for remote test candidates, but exam vouchers or license inventory are sold separately. 

This ecosystem supports Certiport's mantra of - LEARN | PRACTICE | CERTIFY.

Important Notes:

  • Jasperactive MOS - offers "live-in-the-application" (LITA) through both desktop and online access. Desktop access requires local installation, and a windows-based PC to launch course material. Some features in online access may require simulation-based learning of Office functions.
  • CertPREP - offers "live-in-the-application" (LITA) through both desktop and remote desktop access. Desktop access requires local installation, and a windows-based PC to launch course material. Remote desktop access has some student limits on exams count. Optionally, depending on the specific student learner needs, CertPREP also offers both Concept Review ("selective response") and Simulation curriculum learning options.
  • Compass - offers "live-in-the-application" (LITA) or Online learning modes. LITA requires local installation, and a windows-based PC to launch exam material. The "Online" version - called Exams from Home - allows for exams taking using remote machines; this service offering may not be a permanent solution.

Below is a diagram to help visualize your MOS learning to certification ecosystem:

If you have questions or feel that any component of the ecosystem is missing, then contact your program Administrator or sales representative.