Microsoft/Office 365 Add-in Guide

This article has been updated to Integrated Apps in Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Step 1:     Open your browser and go to to display the Office 365 apps page.

Note: You must have administrator privileges on the Office 365 service before you can do these steps.

Step 2:     Click the Admin option.

Step 3:     Click the Show All option from the left side menu and then select Settings and click on Integrated Apps as shown in the following image:

Step 4:     On the Add-ins screen that opens Click the Get Apps button.

Step 5:     On the AppSource screen, do a search for the word Jasperactive and when the results are displayed, click on Get it now

Step 8:    Review the License Terms and Privacy Statement, Enter in your Organization Information and check the Microsoft Permissions box then press Continue.

Step 9:     On the right hand side of the screen in the Deploy New App pane, you now have the ability to set the permissions of who can see the add-in in the browser, make your changes and then click Next.

Step 11:     On the right hand side of the screen in  Deploy Jasperactive for Office the add-in is ready to go, click Next to continue.

Step 12:     On the Review and finish deployment pane, the Office Course (varies by application being deployed) add-in that you deployed is ready for use. Click Finish Deployment.

Note: if you have a browser open, please close it and then log back in for the Add-in to load successfully.

Step 13:     On the Deployment Completed the apps are ready to go, click Done

Step 13:     Add-in Deployed - Status should be OK

Note: It can take 24-48 hours for the Jasperactive MOS Online add-in to populate across to all users.