Our compressed Jasperactive MOS Online Courses file, manifest-office-prod.zip - is found at the end of this article.

1. Click the name of the manifest file to download it. Note: the 'Save as' screen will open, defaulted to the Download folder. You can navigate to other folders but it's not required. DO NOT RENAME THE FILE!

2. Click Save to save the file to the location of your preference.

3. To unzip the file, double-click the file. The file icon changes, and the file appears with a .XML extension instead of .zip.  

4. Copy, by either right-clicking and choosing Copy or using CTRL C, the file. Next, Paste, by either right-clicking and choosing Paste or using CTRL V, into the desired location - i.e. Documents folder or to your Google Drive. Note: it is not recommended to upload this file to another "cloud" location.