The following are essential Chromebook / Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts that can be used when Chromebook users are learning in Jasperactive MOS Online:


Ctrl+?    Open help 

Shift+Esc    Open task manager 
Ctrl+Alt+/    Open keyboard shortcut list 

Ctrl+M    Open file manager

Navigation and text editing:

Alt+ up arrow    Page Up 

Alt+ down arrow    Page Down 

Ctrl+Alt+ up arrow    Home 

Ctrl+Alt+ down arrow    End 

Ctrl+Tab    Switch to next browser tab 

Ctrl+W    Close current tab 

Ctrl+Shift+T    Reopen last closed tab 

Ctrl+N    Open new browser window 

Alt+Tab    Switch to next open window 

Ctrl+Shift+Q    Sign out of Google account 

Alt+backspace    Delete file(s) in file manager