Note: This article applies specifically to those with the Teacher role, and applies to both the Jasperactive Microsoft Office (client/desktop) and Jasperactive Office Online versions.

The process to move student(s) from one Group to another is as follows:

  1.    Note the Group Key the student(s) is currently in
  2.    Login to Jasperactive and go to the Teacher Panel
  3.    Select Groups Manager
  4.    Search for the Group you want the student(s) in, then click the edit pencil icon to the right
  5.    Click the Group Students tab
  6.    Click the Add Students to Group button
  7.    Click the Search by Activation Code tab
  8.    In the Activation codes: field (box) type the Group Key the student(s) is currently in
  9.    In the Courses available in this group: section select one or more Courses
  10.    Click the Search Students button
  11.    Students should appear, so check the Add column box for each applicable student(s)
  12.    Click the Add Students button in the bottom right corner