Step 1:     Open your browser and navigate to

Step 2:    Click the Sign In button

Step 3:    In the dialog box that opens enter your Microsoft Account email address, phone number or Skype ID. If you have a Microsoft 365 (formerly called Office 365) account enter that email address. If you do not have a Microsoft Account click on Create One and setup a free email account.

Step 4:    Once you sign into your account click on the Waffle Icon in the Top Left Corner and then select the application that you're going to be studying.

Step 5:    For this support article I chose Microsoft Word. Click New Blank document to open the Microsoft Word Web App.

Step 6:    When the blank word document opens, click on the Insert tab

Step 7:    Next, click the Add-ins button

Step 8:    Ensure you're on the STORE tab, then in the search box enter the text Jasperactive, when the search results are listed - click on the Add button

Step 9:    Review the License terms and Privacy policy and then click Continue

Step 10:   On the Home tab the Jasperactive for Office Add-in is now loaded, click on it to launch Jasperactive for Office.

Step 11:  Just in case you do not see the Jasperactive MOS for Office Add-in icon, you can click on the '3 dots' that is located on the far right of the ribbon and this will open up a small menu and the Jasperactive MOS for Office Add-in icon should be found there.

Step 12:    Click on the Jasperactive MOS for Office Add-in icon in the ribbon or menu and then the Jasperactive MOS for Office Welcome panel will appear on the right side on the screen. Click on the Get Started button. 

Next support guide in this process: Logging in to and activating your courses for Jasperactive MOS Online