After creating your Jasperactive account with the Group Key given by your Teacher/Instructor eg: S6CB5-9Axx-1xx1 and you have followed the support guide 'Adding the Jasperactive for Office Add-in using the Office Store', carry out the following steps below to log in and activate your courses for Jasperactive MOS Online:

Step 1:   Click the Get Started button.

Step 2:   The next screen is the login screen. Type in your login credentials and click 'LOG IN'.   

Step 3:   The Jasperactive for MOS Online Welcome panel will appear. Type in the same Group Key (Group code) that you used to create your account. 

Step 4:   After you click the 'Join' button and log in, you will receive a message announcing that you have been successful in activating your Jasperactive for MOS Online course. Click 'Continue'.

You will now be able to start your Jasperactive for MOS Online course: