IMPORTANT: At the bottom of this article, start by downloading the manifest-office-prod.ZIP file and extracting (Reference article) the contents (*.XML file) into a folder or your desktop. This file is required to perform the manual upload in Step 9.

Step 1:     Open your browser and navigate to

Step 2:     If needed, click the Sign In button.

Step 3:    In the dialog box that opens enter your Microsoft Account email address, phone number or Skype ID. If you have a Microsoft 365 (formerly called Office 365) account enter that email address. If you do not have a Microsoft Account click on Create one! and setup a free email account.

Step 4:    Once you sign into your account click on the Waffle Icon in the Top Left Corner and then select the application that you're going to be studying. Note: these Office application icons may appear in a left side-bar.

Step 5:    For this support article we'll chose Microsoft Word. Click New blank document (+) to open the Microsoft Word Web App.

Step 6:    When the blank word document opens, click on the Insert tab.

Step 7:    Next, click the Add-ins menu option.

Step 8:    Click MY ADD-INS (far left), click Manage My Add-ins (top right), then select Upload My Add-in.

Step 9:   Select Browse and locate the manifest-office-prod.xml file then click Upload.

After a successful upload, you will be returned to the Office application and be presented with the Get started with...success message. Depending on which Office application was launched, and which type of Ribbon is activated, you'll find the Jasperactive for Office menu icon one of two ways, as shown below in 10a and 10b.

Step 10a:    (Single line Office Ribbon) Click the More Options (...) button, then select Jasperactive for Office


Step 10b:     (Classic or Simplified Office Ribbon) Click the Jasperactive app icon in the ribbon (usually after the Editor menu option).

Step 11:    When the add-in finishes loading, click on GET STARTED.

Step 12:    You are now ready to login with your Jasperactive credentials (if already established) or create a new user account.