When the Jasperactive MOS Online Microsoft Add-in fails to load, often identified by a seemingly endless spinning circle or blank white panel on the right side of the screen, see below:

Check the Time and the Time Zone are set correctly (steps below will vary by device type and OS).

For Windows based devices, click the Start button and then click on the Gear icon called Settings:

Click on Time & Language:

If they're not turned on - Turn on Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically and then click Sync Now.

Once complete, try launching Jasperactive MOS Online again.

Below are additional considerations if your device time settings are accurate:

  • Ensure that you are launching Jasperactive Online (Word or Excel) from office.com and not directly from a locally installed Microsoft Office application.
  • Logout of your Microsoft account, from office.com, then back in; forcing a hard refresh of your Microsoft account.
  • Ensure that your device is in desktop mode, NOT tablet mode.
  • Browser Extensions may cause a conflict with Add-ins. Consider disabling Extensions, then try again.
  • Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome both run on the Chromium platform. Consider trying Firefox as the browser.