1. Open the Adobe Photoshop app and click on the yellow 'Get Started' button:

2. Proceed to type your login details in the Email/Username and Password boxes if you already have login details. If you still need to create your Jasperactive Adobe Create account...

...Proceed to click on the 'Register Here' link:

3. Click on the Learner/Student button:

4. Proceed to select your correct age category and then click the Sign Up with Email button: 

5. Complete your Profile Details as required and select your Profile Avatar:

6. Scroll down and type in your Study Group code (case and number-sensitive) and then click 'Next Step':

7. Fill in all information as required in this 'Security and Password' section..

...Including your password:

8. Scroll down and check the box to agree to the End-User License Agreement and then click 'Next Step':

9. Congratulations! Your profile is created. Click 'Let's Get Started':

10. Type your Study Group code to start and then click 'Join':

11. Click 'Continue':

12. Proceed to start you course by first clicking on the Benchmark option: