This article is intended for those new to Jasperactive Create. The article assumes that you've already completed the required steps for installing both Adobe Create Photoshop and the Jasperactive Adobe extension.

Step 1: From within Adobe Photoshop, from the Windows+Extensions menu options, launch Jasperactive then click on the yellow 'Get Started' button.

Step 2: Proceed to type your login credentials in the Email/Username and Password boxes, then click the red 'LOG IN' button. Optionally, select one of the sign-on button options near the bottom of this pane. If you do not yet have a Jasperactive user account/profile, then jump to that section below (after Step 5), then return to Step 3 to complete this application launching process.

Step 3: Type (or, preferably, paste) your Group code, then click the yellow 'JOIN' button. Note: In the Jasperactive Teacher Panel, this code is called 'Group Key', and it must be created and distributed by the class Instructor.

Step 4: Once the code is validated, and the 'Congratulations!' message appears, click 'CONTINUE'.

Step 5: You are now ready to begin your course activities! Typically, students begin with the Benchmark (a pre-learning, timed, assessment), but be sure to follow the instructions provided by your Instructor. The Lessons and Summary Assessment options are "locked" until the Benchmark, a required activity, is submitted. The eBook option is always accessible.


Step 1: From the Jasperactive login screen (Step 2 from above), click on the 'Register here' hyperlink.

Step 2: Click on the applicable role option, most likely the red Learner/Student button.

Step 3: If you selected the Learner/Student option, proceed to select your correct age category and then click the red 'Sign Up with Email' button. Note: Under 13 allows for logging in with a username as opposed to an Email.

Step 4: Complete your Profile Details as required and select your Profile Avatar. Note: the Language field is for information purposes only, and does not determine any content language settings.

Step 5: At this point, SKIP the "optional" 'Study Group Code' field. Click the red 'Next Step' button.

Step 6: Fill in all information as required in this 'Security and Password' section.

Step 6 continued: ...including, near the bottom of this pane, entering your preferred Password. Selecting the first checkbox is required, but the other two checkbox options are optional.

Step 7: Scroll down and check the box to agree to the End-User License Agreement and then click 'Next Step'.

Step 8: Congratulations! Your user profile is created. Click the red 'Let's Get Started' button. Return to Step 3: above.

If you encounter any issues launching Jasperactive Adobe Create, seek assistance from your Instructor, or contact us via email at to submit a support ticket.

Wishing you success!!