Jasperactive MOS Online runs as an Add-in in Office web apps (via office.com). This is a anytime/anywhere access learning system that operates on any type of device (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Ipad); an excellent option for remote and hybrid learning environments. Occasionally, however, a technical conflict will occur and Office encounters an error that produces a message within the Jasperactive system. Below is an explanation of some of these type messages should you encounter one.

"Something went wrong! Please click TRY AGAIN below. If this does not clear the error message, please click the Refresh button for the browser."

Certainly you can click the TRY AGAIN option, or refreshing your browser, clearing browser Cache, and/or trying to launch the exercise from a different browser. However, consider this option that we have found to be successful with this error message - open a new, blank document (Click File, New blank document - see image below), launch the Jasperactive application from the Ribbon menu, then attempt launching the exercise again. It's possible that Office is conflicted with opening the next exercise files while content from the previous exercise remains open.

"Add-in Error. We couldn't get the information needed to start this add-in."

First, verify that the date and time on your device is accurate. If not, reference this support article for assistance and/or work with your IT support desk for assistance. Here is another support article that may apply. If this information is accurate, then verify that you have the correct Jasperactive MOS Online Add-in application loaded. For instance the Ribbon icon should be labeled "Jasperactive for Office" (see image below) - not Jasperactive for Word (or Excel or PowerPoint). If the icon is not correct, then reference this support article (Steps 1-9) and seek IT assistance if needed.

"Something went wrong! Your Computer is not connected to the Internet!"

Certainly, verify that your device is connected to the Internet. However, possibly a firewall is blocking access to the Jasperactive curriculum resources. With this particular error, we recommend that you, or your IT support desk, validate that the following Jasperactive URLs are "whitelisted" in order to bypass any firewall constraints.


Generally speaking, you may also consider as standard troubleshooting options - 1) Refresh the browser, 2) Clear browser Cache, 3) verify that the device date and time are accurate, and/or 4) logout of the Microsoft account and back in.

Wishing you continued success in learning!