Recently, Google released a chromium browser update that produced an adverse effect when launching Jasperactive from either the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers - both operate on the chromium platform. 

Issue description - when logging in to Jasperactive, sometimes at the point of launching an exercise, a dialog box appeared but would not go away. Further or alternatively, the "J icon" in the Jasperactive menu ribbon displayed an 'x' indicator, suggesting that Jasperactive was not installed.

The interim "fix" was to download, if needed, the Firefox browser from which to launch Jasperactive. Many of our effected users selected this option and were able to continue course work.

After extensive technical review, the Jasperactive product management team was able to identify a reasonable work around with a registry edit, requiring a file upload (first option in the image below). However, this requires Administrative rights to the machine for the update.

The end result is an updated Jasperactive installer file (second option in the image below). Our updated .msi executable file is referenced below. Prior to updating, IT personnel should reference the Jasperactive MOS Technical Requirements for compliance, and then our installation support article.

Jasperactive installer file:

Note: In some instances, it may be necessary to clear browser cache.

If you have any questions, or after performing this action continue to encounter similar issues, please contact the Jasperactive support team either from our Support page and selecting the Submit a Ticket option or by email to

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. This issue was outside our control, but certainly interrupted product usage. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

Jasperactive Support Team