With the challenges of the current learning environments - in-person vs remote or hybrid - and technology device options - Windows vs Chromebook vs Mac vs iPad or hybrid - many learning system vendors have pivoted to meet their clients' curriculum delivery needs. CCI Learning and Jasperactive is no different. However, with options* comes a decision, and this decision is not always easy. The information below is designed to help you better understand the learning system options available to you and hopefully identify the best option at any given moment.



Jasperactive MOS:

The Jasperactive MOS desktop “live-in-the-application” option is the “traditional” learning system, which covers Office MOS applications more comprehensively, above and beyond just certification domains. This is an estimated 40-hour coursework per application. This option requires local installation on a Windows-based machine (no chromebooks or Macs). The key benefit in this option is that the Office interface mirrors that of the exam. A one-click, direct integration into CertPREP/GMetrix is also included. Currently, a simple drop-down language selection option is available to toggle between English and Spanish. Finally, this version is required for those desiring to learn curriculum for the Microsoft Outlook and/or Access courses.


Jasperactive MOS Online:

The Online learning option is condensed to 10-15 hour course work per Office application, focusing solely on the certification exam domains. This is anytime, anywhere access on any type of device via the Web by leveraging Microsoft 365 Office web apps through our Add-in. Aside from the ability to function on any type device, another key consideration is the ability to leverage Immersive Reader for student accessibility, and in some cases, language translation. Clients still get the integrated CertPREP/GMetrix license, but with no one-click direct integration. Probably the biggest concern is that Office web apps have limited functionality and a different GUI than the Office client option. It’s vital to understand that the Office client version, not web apps, is what certification candidates are tested on; using CertPREP/GMetrix for exams practice therefore becomes even more important. Another common obstacle is getting IT to deploy the Add-in organizationally. However, an interim deployment option is available when needed so students can begin progressing in course learning.



Selecting which option to proceed with is completely at your discretion since a Jasperactive MOS license makes both available**. CertPREP/GMetrix (practice tests) and Certiport Compass (exams) are available both locally and via the Web, using remote servers, to accommodate and reflect the Office desktop/client – local install interface.


* Student course progress is NOT transferable between these two learning system options. However, when a student transitions/advances from one Course to another – i.e. from Word to Excel – then the student may access the coursework in a different product option if the situation is right.

** Canada clients – license does not automatically include CertPREP/GMetrix.


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