Each Jasperactive user account has one or more "roles" associated with it. The roles determine various levels of data access and which actions can be performed. The following table identifies some common actions available per role.

Roles defined:

HUB Administrator - this is someone designated to administer high-level actions for one or more Centers (the entity - school, business, department, organization - to which the product license is aligned). A common example is a CTE Director at the school district office. A user with this role can access data for all applicable Centers and their related Teachers and Students, run Reports (primary action for this role), and more.

Center Administrator - this is someone designated to administer high-level, and often instructional, actions at the Center. It's not uncommon for this person to also be an Instructor/Teacher, but may be a local technology applications resource. This role can view all Teachers and Students aligned to this particular Center, run Reports, import teacher and/or student user accounts, and, very importantly, access license details to distribute the Teacher role activation code to applicable personnel.

Teacher - also known as an Instructor, Professor, Educator, and so on. This person oversees instructional delivery of student curriculum and all related learning activities. Some primary functions include create class Groups - from which a Course activation code (Group Key) is created and defines the applicable courses - run reports, import students, and access Teacher Resources that come with the product purchase.

Student - ALL Jasperactive users are automatically allocated this role. This user accesses course(s) material, as defined by the Group selection criteria, and learns to progress toward content mastery and possibly industry certification.

Unless the user account has only the Student role, then they can "toggle" between the roles by using a drop down feature which displays in the main navigation bar once Jasperactive is launched from the login page Dashboard.

Multi-role user account depiction:

Student role only user account depiction:

Not all users have the same options available. For example, your options may be Teacher and Student only, or at a higher level the HUB Administrator role. It is possible to be a Center Administrator and/or Teacher for multiple Centers. However, ALL Jasperactive user accounts can function as a Student, enabling everyone to work through Jasperactive course work if desired or applicable.

If you need help logging into Jasperactive MOS and accessing the role toggle drop down, reference this support article.