If you are receiving the following error message when trying to launch Jasperactive, it is often caused by one of the following situations:

  1. Jasperactive is installed but is running an old version.
  2. Microsoft Office is installed but is running an old version (i.e. Office 2007 or 2010).
  3. Jasperactive Service has stopped.

Please follow the steps below to fix this error:

  1. Uninstall then Install, or have IT personnel install, the current version of Jasperactive.
    1. Support article - Jasperactive MOS Installer 
  2. Seek assistance as needed and have the correct version of Office locally installed.
  3. Restore the Jasperactive service.
    1.  Support article - Jasperactive Service stopped 

Log out of your current Jasperactive session, refresh the webpage and log back in.