Every account in Jasperactive has access to the Student Panel, allowing you to view and train in each Jasperactive course. 

To activate courses on your Student panel, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a group dedicated to users other than students, using Jasperactive. Doing this allows you to keep your training separate from your students grading.
    For steps on creating a group, please see our How-To Guide: Creating a Group 
    (be sure to copy your Group Key to the clipboard or right it down exactly as it appears before proceeding)

  2. After establishing your group, select the grey drop-down in the upper right of the window. This drop down allows you to switch between your User-Roles.

  3. On the student panel, below your empty course list, you will see the line " Activate a new course" Click this link.

  4. Enter the newly created Group Code and click "Activate Course."

  5. Confirm the courses, group name, and instructor and select "Confirm."
    Note: If you receive a prompt that the courses are already active on your account, please see our Support Article : How to reactivate expired courses.

You can now access all of the courses you have activated in your group and subsequently your Student Panel.