Administrators and Teachers - your Jasperactive user account, unlike the Students, is a multi-role account – i.e. you can login and function as an Admin (if applicable), a Teacher (if applicable), or a Student via the same login credentials. What you need to do is create a Group just for you – you’ll be the only “Student” in this Group. Then, you need to switch your roles drop down to Student and activate the courses. Below is a video tutorial of these steps:

Written step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Open a Web browser and login to, then select the Go To Jasperactive Microsoft Office button.

Step 2: Your user role drop-down (left of the Avatar image), which should default to Center Admin or Teacher. Ensure Teacher is selected and the Teacher Panel appears. Note: Center Admins, if you do not have the Teacher role, have a Teacher do Steps 3 and 4 for you. Optionally, refer to this support article to Add the Teacher Role.

Step 3: Click Groups Manager.

Step 4: Create a Group (doing this allows you to keep your learning progress separate from your students grading).

For steps on creating a group, please see our How-To Guide: Creating a Group 

After clicking Save on your Group, copy your Group Key to the clipboard and/or right it down exactly as it appears before proceeding.

Step 5: Next, switch your user role to Student (see below).
Step 6: Select the appropriate Application Group (item 1 below) that pertains to the Microsoft Office version you selected when creating the Group. Note: this should also correlate to the Office version installed on your local machine.

Step 7: Active (item 2 below) should be selected.

Step 8: Click the red "Activate a New Course" link (item 3 below).

Step 9: Paste, or Enter, the newly created Group Key in the ACTIVATION CODE field then click Activate Course.

Step 10:  View the courses, group name, and instructor and select "Confirm".
Note: If you receive a prompt - red message at the top of your screen - that the courses are already aligned on your account, please see our Support Article : How to reactivate expired courses.

You can now access all of the courses you have activated in your group and subsequently your Student Panel. Taking these steps will eliminate the need for creating a separate user account and login.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that both Jasperactive and Microsoft Office are already installed locally on your machine. Include an installation of GMetrix too if you plan to use this integrated learning application.