Jasperactive MOS desktop runs "live-in-app" in Microsoft Office. As such, when Microsoft Office experiences a conflict or error, this often produces an error message within Jasperactive. In other words, the error is related to a Microsoft Office issue, not Jasperactive, but Jasperactive is certainly impacted directly.

Generally speaking, "COM" errors pertain to an Office registry file issue. For instance, when a computer once had a 32-bit version of Office locally installed - i.e. Office 2013 or 2016 - and later a 64-bit version is installed - i.e. upgrading to Office 2019/365 - some variation of a COM error may occur because old version "crumbs" are often left behind in the registry files and some clean up is required.

Another common cause is having multiple versions of Office installed simultaneously. If you confirm this, please remove any extra Office installations via Control Panel, Programs, or work with your IT resources for assistance with this action.

Resolution - often, this issue is resolved by performing an Office Repair (see steps below). Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling Office works too. Additionally, if the COM error persists, please reference the attached documents and work with your IT resources for assistance. If additional technical assistance is needed, submit a support ticket (email help@jasperactive.com and attach a screen image of the error and the Office product Account page) with your request.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If registry edits are made to correct error(s), and if these modifications are made incorrectly, serious device performance issues may occur. As such, it's very important to make a backup of the registry before modifications.

How to Run a Microsoft Office Repair:

  1. From the Control Panel of your computer click on the Program and Features
  2. Find your Microsoft Office Suite Version and left click on the program title
  3. In the drop-down option that appears click on the Change option

  4. A Microsoft Office Dialogue box will appear and click on the Online Repair option

  5. This option will ensure that the Microsoft Office suite undergoes a full repair. This may take a little longer than a quick repair – however, it will ensure that all necessary repairs occur.

Reference: Jasperactive MOS Technical Requirements (which include references to supported Office versions).

NOTE: If you're getting a "Failed on CreateOffice App: Retrieving the COM class factory" specifically, this support article may also help resolve the issue: